Why are Eye Exams so Important?

When it comes to your vision, it makes sense to be cautious. Sight is the #1 of the five senses that humans as a species rely on the most, and it’s true when they say eyes are the window to the soul. Well, they’re a window to your health, anyway. There is a lot more than meets the eye (pun totally intended!) when it comes to eye exams, and they’re useful for a lot more than just checking the clarity of your vision. So grab a cup of tea, put on your reading glasses and get comfy; because we’re about to delve into the real reasons eye exams are just so important.

Eye exams can see the early signs of Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Did you know it’s possible to see the very early signs of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure during an eye exam? Diabetes very commonly affects the blood vessels, and your eye is the only place on your entire body that a qualified practitioner can directly view blood vessels. Therefore they’re a perfect opportunity to check for Diabetes. Diabetics can suffer with a disease called Diabetic Retinopathy, which initially shows no symptoms and is a leading cause of blindness. And here’s the important part… About 90% of Diabetes-related blindness can be prevented… but only if it’s detected early, which is our #1 reason why regular eye exams are crucial.


They can also detect AMD, Glaucoma and other Eye Diseases

Unfortunately eye diseases exist, and some of them are even classed as “common”! With things such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Cataracts; which can all lead to permanent loss of vision, it’s more.

important than ever to keep on top of your eye health. With early detection, the right treatments and regular check-ups, these potentially blinding eye diseases can be kept under control slowing their progress and keeping your vision healthier, for longer.


There are Strict Laws when it comes to Vision and Driving

In the UK, the law is that if you cannot easily read a number plate from 20 metres away, you’re not legally allowed to drive without any form of vision correction. Your insurance could be deemed void if you have an accident, and you’ll have to foot an expensive repair bill out of your own pocket.

Eye strain = Headaches!

Causes of headaches can vary; but one of the most common causes of headaches is to do with your eyes.

 Eye strain is becoming increasingly common in today’s day and age with all of the staring at screens we

 do. It’s not unusual to feel discomfort in your eyes, neck, back and namely, your head when suffering from eye strain. This can be rectified by your Optician, as they will be able to pinpoint the cause of your eye strain, which is usually due to a refractive error (i.e. you need glasses and your eyes are struggling to see clearly on their own).


Starting Early with your Eye Exams

Not only are eye exams important in general, but it’s also important that children start to get regular eye exams as soon as they reach school age. A child should get their first eye exam at aged 4-5. (Or, if there has been a reason to get their eyes checked beforehand, you’ll need to follow your doctor’s advice.)

So there are a handful of reasons why eye exams are important. We understand that in today’s busy world it’s difficult to find the time sometimes to fit in your eye exam but with eye diseases existing, headaches lurking and the police cracking down on vision and driving… Freeing up half an hour to visit your Optician could be the most important decision you ever make.

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