Caring for your Lenses

How do lenses become blemished?

Glasses lenses are easily stained by daily contact with sweat, rainwater, condensation and other moisture such as oils and chemicals. When these substances dry they can cause lenses to be obscured and vision to be impaired.

How often should I clean my lenses?

To help achieve the best possible performance for your lenses we would recommend cleaning them as frequently as you use them, especially if you wear spectacles on a daily basis.

What should I use to clean my lenses?

We recommend that lenses are cleaned using a Microfibre cloth made specifically for spectacles. Microfibre is a soft and highly durable material that removes stains and moisture through gentle cleaning without damaging the surface of the lens.

You can use warm water to clean our lenses, but using a purpose-made lens cleaning spray is also advisable. This helpful solution cleans stubborn stains and dust from your glasses, reduces the risk of scratching, dries quickly and significantly reduces smearing on the lens.

Please note: After repeated use, Microfibre cloths can be washed and dried along with your normal laundry.

How should I clean my glasses?

Always start by washing your hands thoroughly, so not to pass any germs, dirt or oils to the lenses. Secondly, apply lens spray to both sides of the lens and use a Microfibre cloth to gently clear stains and debris with a circular motion, making sure to remove any built-up debris and smudges. Once clean, allow the lenses to dry.

What shouldn’t I do?

Avoid using paper towels, tissues and clothing as they are too coarse for use when wiping glasses lenses. These fabrics carry tiny fibres that can cause scratching of the lens and eventual issues with clarity.

Disposable cleaning wipes are also to be avoided as they often cause damage to the lenses and coatings applied to the lens, as do any products containing acetone, alcohol or ammonia.