Contact Lens Plans

A Contact Lens Plan To Suit You

Wearing contact lenses shouldn't be expensive, and it should be simple allowing you the number of lenses you want, when you want them. At 4 SIGHT opticians, we offer 2 fantastic payment plans that give great benefits no matter how often you wear your lenses!

If you're new to lenses and have worries about putting them in / taking them out, don't fret! As part of your free contact lens consultation, we'll teach you the correct methods of insertion, removal and caring for your contact lenses!

After you've completed a FREE Contact Lens Consultation & Trial*, you will be offered either of the following convenient payment plans for your chosen lens:

Premier Plan

If you wear your lenses regularly, we recommend one of our Premier Plan schemes - the cheapest option for on-going use. By paying via our monthly Direct Debit system, we can help take the hassle out of ordering your lenses - as we do it all for you! Sit back, relax, and your contact lenses are automatically shipped to you on a regular basis. The only thing you need to do is attend your routine aftercare appointments (normally every 6-12 months) which are included as part of all Premier Plan schemes.

As well as fantastic value lenses, free aftercares and easy home delivery, as a Premier Plan member you also get a free pair of glasses annually, and free replacements for any lost or torn lenses!

See the table below for a summary of benefits.


Interested in occasional use but don't want to pay the retail price for your lenses? Flexi-Plan is a great option for part time wearers as it gives you the flexibility to order your lens supply when you need it., with 20% OFF the normal retail price! A simple £3.99 monthly direct debit ensures an on-going discount of 20% on any supply of Contact Lenses & Solutions, as well as 4 FREE Aftercares per year (normally £25 per appointment) and half price sight tests!

See the table below for a summary of benefits.

Pay & Go

Aftercares chargeable at £25 per appointment, intervals are dictated by your optician but normally are at least every year.

Contact lenses and solutions are charged at full retail price. A valid eye examination & contact lens prescription is required for lens supply.

No Direct Debit is required.

Terms & Conditions:

  • £25 initial fee (for issue of contact lens prescription) payable prior to contact lens supply or scheme membership.
  • Ongoing Lens supply may be suspended if Spectacle or CLRx becomes invalid.
  • Free replacement lenses subject to fair usage.
  • Free glasses covered by £49.99 voucher issued on the anniversary of scheme enrolment following a full years membership on premier plan without missed payments.
  • *First 3 months half price on Direct Debit scheme products only.
  • “20% off further purchases” discount cannot apply in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Daily Premier Supplies:30ppm = 90 pairs every 3 months / 20ppm = 60 pairs every 3 months / 10ppm = 30 pairs every 3 months.
  • Monthly Premier Supplies: 3 pairs (including solutions where applicable)

every 3 months = 12 pairs per year.

  • Bi-monthly Premier Supplies: 6 pairs (including solutions where applicable)

every 3 months = 24 pairs per year.