What is meso-zeaxanthin?

Meso-zeaxanthin is located at the centre of the macula where vision is sharpest. Research has shown that meso-zeaxanthin is generated at the retina from lutein, however scientists believe that some individuals are unable to perform this conversion.

Sources of meso-zeaxanthin

Meso-zeaxanthin has been identified in certain foods including salmon, trout and shrimp. In fact, a recent study from the US has shown that the antioxidant potential of macular pigment is enhanced when meso-zeaxanthin is present. The source of meso-zeaxanthin found in MacuShield®, is a derivative of the Marigold flower grown in Mexico, Tagetes Erecta.

Safety Analysis

A double blind randomised placebo controlled trial demonstrated that a supplement containing meso-zeaxanthin on human subjects has no harmful effect on liver and renal function, blood serum, lipid profile and indicators of inflammation (Connelly et al., 2011).
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