Children’s Eyetests

Eye Tests for Children

Sight and learning go hand in hand, and therefore childrens eye examinations are crucial for the detection of sight problems that could affect school performance and future development. Having eye tests regularly and from an early age can be important for detecting conditions that could result in eye disease or even lead to loss of sight.

It is important that your child's eyes are tested early on as children are often more responsive to treatment when problems are diagnosed earlier.

No matter how good you think your child's eye sight is, it's important for them to be checked by an optician, so book an eye test for your child today. We'll make sure they are thoroughly checked for things such as Lazy Eyes, Squints, and Long-Sightedness - all of which are common conditions in young children. Should we detect a problem we'll advise you on the best options for your child's sight and ensure they're monitored closely to ensure they are progressing well with their specs. Children under the age of 16 are entitled to FREE eye exams under the NHS, as well as extra help towards the cost of any glasses!

We're specialists in kids eye wear!

At 4 SIGHT opticians we are proud to say that we value the whole health of our youngest patients eyes extremely seriously.!

We offer full and comprehensive eye assessments, as well as a huge range of frame and lens products should they need spectacles to correct their vision.!

We Provide Complete Spectacles FREE with an NHS Optical Voucher!

We can also look at contact lenses as a way of giving them extra freedom for sports, or just to boost their general confidence.

We can also enhance their spectacles with more tailored lens options, which will help them get the best vision possible.

Many of these lens options might normally be considered too expensive, that’s why we have worked together with KODAK lens to come up with some very special offers to aid your child’s eye health: click here to view.

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