Frame Brands

Originally made for the American military, Ray-Ban glasses were first introduced in 1937 and have defined timeless style with their iconic designs, such as the Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster sunglasses.They have moved into ophthalmic eyewear where they range from the fun and wacky styles to the mellow retro looks allowing people from all backgrounds to fit into the rayban category

Dolce & Gabbana a brand that is famous all over the world for its outstanding looks and high quality. Dolce & Gabbana is a brand that's longed for by many people all over the world. Wearing Dolce & Gabbana glasses or sunglasses has become all about a kind of life style choice, a type of taste, a symbol of romance.

Launched in 1981, Emporio Armani Glasses are widely recognisable with its iconic eagle logo on each frame, thus instantly adding association with luxury and status. With a cult celebrity following behind them, we can see why they have become so popular. In comparison to the main line of Armani, Emporio is becoming just as sought after. Emporio Armani Glasses are sexy, modern and extremely wearable with classic shapes in a variety of colours.

Oakley was started by Jim Jannard in 1975. Today, Oakley eyewear is well recognized by many celebrities and athletes. The eyewear has been used in major sporting events like the Olympics and Tour De France. Oakley are wrapped in with technology, durability as well as fashion in mind. Peer through the collection of Oakley and see the vast array of frames and types of lenses they have to offer.

Known for its bold prints, elaborate embellishment and luxurious dark glamour. The Versace range includes rich colour palettes and embossed gold detailing. What’s not to love? Versace present us with contemporary shapes, finished to the highest quality of design. The eyewear exudes confidence and features the iconic emblem of the brands own mythology; the medusa.

Jaeger is a long-established, instantly recognisable brand with an excellent reputation. As well as classic British style, our frames offer all kinds of different benefits. So, to help you get up-to-speed with all of the different features, we’ve put together our top 10 ten reasons for choosing Jaeger pure titanium.

Polo Ralph Lauren reflects a celebrated vision of classic yet spirited American style for men and women. Timeless and authentic, Polo Ralph Lauren is the enduring symbol of a modern-day American lifestyle: easy, energetic and cool.

Polo OPH 1148 colour 9119

Polo OPH 1171 colour 9157

Polo OPH 2083 colour 5276

Polo OPH 2147 colour 5575

Other Brands

Aquarius - Bling - Cameo - Cava - Crosshatch - Dario Martini - Dimarco - Elegance - Flexon - Impact - Jacques Lamont - Lazer - London Club - Nakamura - Planet - Rafaella - Romeo & Julliet Samson - Saturn and X-Eyes - Polo Ralph Lauren